Time Is Not Found, It Is Made.

Jan 26

Time Is Not Found, It Is Made.
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Have you ever wished you could get to doing something, but couldn’t find the time? Well, here is the key. Time is not found. Time is made.


The other day I was doing some gardening. I was cutting back a bush that had grown out of control. Sound familiar? Sometimes our ‘to do’ list can get that way. Out of control.


Anyway, by the time I had cut the bush back I realised that there wasn’t very much room left in my green waste bin. I would have to either leave it on the ground until rubbish day or find a way to fit it in the bin.


Green WasteThere was no way it was going to fit if I just picked it all up and tried to squeeze it in. It wouldn’t work. However, if I cut it all down into small pieces I would have a better chance.


I made it fit.


While I was doing this I found myself thinking about a book I had read. Written by Lorne Holden, the book is called ‘Make it happen in 10 minutes a day’. I highly recommend it as it helped me to see things very differently.


Make It HappenHave you ever had things that just won’t fit into your weekly or monthly schedule? I’m not talking regular work, but extra things. Things you’d love to do, but time won’t allow. Things that are important to you. Painting the lattice, writing a book, learning to play the piano. These are things that there is rarely time for because life is so busy.


In her book, Lorne shares her experiences of how she learned to get things done even though she was really busy. She found that making small time slots for things enabled her to get big things done.


The key to getting more into your schedule without having everything spilling out over the edges is to cut things down to size. It’s easy to make 10 minutes between other commitments than it is to find a spare hour or two in your day.


Make it easy to do and come back to and you’ll find it easier to get it done. It may not happen all at once, but once you make a start and keep at it, it will happen.


Next time you find yourself telling someone that you couldn’t find the time, quietly correct yourself and realise that the time you need is the time you’ll make and that’s how important things get done.



  1. I know without a doubt that we (I) have time and money for the things we care about. No doubt about it.

    Knowing my BIG WHY gets me finding time and money for what supports it. Thanks for posting on day 8, because I will, too.

    • Simon Malcolm /

      It certainly does come down to motivation Miriam. If something is important to us we will find a way. All the best with your Day 8 post :)

  2. Hayden Coonan /

    It’s priorities. I love my full time job, and it’s demanding and occasionally spills over the 8:30 to 5pm that I get paid for… But I had today off, because my kids will grow up knowing that when the rubber hits the road, they’re No. 1, work isn’t. It ruffles the odd feather at work with management, but information is power, I’m the union rep, and I know what the agreement allows for… 😉

    There’s some big items I’d love to do, and get back to doing (I used to love gigging/busking and performing with Sarah) but right now the kids come first, but that won’t last forever..

    So I agree – time is made by knowing what you believe in and having the fortitude to stick to it…

    • Simon Malcolm /

      Hi Hayden. It seems the time you are making right now is for your children and that is one of the most important time investments you will ever make. I am so pleased that you see that and are acting upon it. You’ll get back to doing things for you, but right now you are making the better choice. We work to live and you’re a good Dad giving of yourself to your family. Well done.

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