My First Car.

Jan 25

My First Car.
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My first car was a beauty. A 1971 HG Holden Kingswood, two tone brown with helper springs. It only cost me $500 and I loved driving it. It marked a great time of independence for me.


The car I’m driving today is a Hyundai Tucson and it cost $27,000. It is reliable, looks nice and does the job that my business requires. There are plenty of cars on the market that would cost much more and much less, but for me it meets my motoring needs.


If I was to look to replace my Tucson today, I wouldn’t go and buy another car for $500 because I wouldn’t have to. Yes, I could probably get something for that price, but it may not be in great order or be very reliable.


You see, when I decided to buy my first car, there is no way I could afford a car that cost $27,000. I just didn’t have the money. I had to be happy with what I could afford and I was.


Over time I have been able to work my way up to a better car, and another better car and eventually the car I have today. It’s a story of small beginnings.


If you’re just starting out, you need to understand this principal of starting small. You might be starting a business, building an email list, or learning a trade. Whatever you’re working on it always starts small. Just like my $500 car.


There is a saying that says ‘Don’t despise the small beginnings’.


If you are starting a business, you just need to get your first customer and that will lead to your next customer.


If you’re building an email list, you need your first subscriber to get the ball rolling.


If you’re learning a trade, you need to learn your first lesson and make your first mistake.


When you’re at this stage it is easy to look at those you admire or follow and feel daunted by their success. However, it is at this moment you need to remember that they too started small.


Just like my first car, you need to achieve your ‘firsts’ in whatever it is you are setting out to do – and then celebrate. This will be your beginning.


Don’t let your overall goal make you think your first results are small and insignificant. Your first results are what you will build your overall goal on. They will end up being what you hang on your wall or write in a journal of treasured experiences.


When you are successful you will look back on those ‘firsts’ with fond memories. You will never forget the name of your first customer, what it is you sold and how you felt at the time. Just like I have never forgotten my 1971 HG Holden Kingswood.


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