Know Your Why.

Jan 28

Know Your Why.
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Over the last week I have taken part in the Your Turn Challenge. This is just what I needed to help me experience getting things done, rather than waiting forever until they were perfect.


The challenge was initiated by Winnie Kao. She works with Seth Godin and it was Seth’s words that encouraged her to encourage others to blog every day for 7 days.


Having now completed the challenge I feel that I am much better for it. I have met some wonderful people and I’m seeing things in a way that I hadn’t seen before. Understandably I am grateful for this push, but now I need to ask an important question.


What is my why?


Why am I doing this? Why am I sitting down to try and write today, or every day some weeks into the future. I realise now that I would be writing a blog to keep up with my blogging. However, I never took on the challenge to become someone who blogs every day. That wasn’t what I set out to do.


The greatest achievement for all of us is to understand what we are meant to do and how can this experience help us do that better. I am working on a number of projects right now and what I have learned on this challenge will benefit these projects for a long time to come. In some cases things that might never have been completed will now be achieved.


If I was to keep blogging every day, I would simply be keeping up appearances. I respect Seth greatly and appreciate Winnie a lot, however, I would like to think that they would be cheering me on as I take what I have learned and apply it to things that are deep within me, yearning to see the light of day. The time I spend blogging would be keeping me from projects that are calling for my attention.


Now I am a shipper. I understand how to drive myself to get things done. I know how it feels to get a delivered result, rather than look at my hidden ideas in a cabinet that only I can see.


I will continue to blog, however I will do so weekly, rather than daily. I will continue to participate in the community that has been established and make a difference at a frequency I can sustain.


It’s now time for anyone in the challenge to ask “What is next?” and do that will all their ‘shipping’ determination. Blog, invent, create, build, lead, write, dream, cook, make, compose? You know what is in your heart to do.


Whatever that is, it is important to know your ‘Why’. This will get you through when times are tough. When you’re out of ideas, not feeling good enough or thinking of giving up. In these times remember your ‘Why’ and press on.


Idea. Develop. Ship. Next idea.



  1. Wonderful post. Agree knowing the ‘why’ and being true to the reasons matter most. As the close of yesterday approached without a daily missive to share, I thought the same. A bright flash of thought appeared and I dashed off a post. Being mindful of my purpose, I examined my motives. I will continue to post as frequently as I am moved to do so. However, I will cease numbering my posts which have more to do with my bragging (horrors!) of my daily accomplishment to the external world vs taking satisfaction in knowing I have done what matters most. Grateful you have stated this in your writing for me to face my own truth.

    • Simon Malcolm /

      Thanks so much Joyce. My heart is relieved. I felt like I might have been letting the side down, but I had to be honest with where I was at. I respect you greatly and am so encouraged by your response.

  2. Always, always, our BIG WHY is no one else’s. We must follow our inner leader, not succumb to made-up pressures. Who knows what others think? Winnie, Seth. They’re not my compasses. I am. Let’s do what’s right from what’s right intuitively. I’m glad you are.

    I get it about shipping. So shipping I will do. I’m hanging with this tribe for now and not counting days. I love what I read, and I love to sort myself through writing. And I look forward to more from whoever wants to share. I love supporting. Onward. And bedtime. I have an early morning writing practice to show up for.

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