It’s My Birthday!

Jan 23

It’s My Birthday!
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It’s my Birthday! What a great day. Facebook messages, phone calls, texts. It sure is a good day. My family even took me out for breakfast in the city at a fancy hotel. Very nice indeed.


It’s a day when you can receive gifts and be made to feel special and that happened to me. However, what made me feel completely amazing and totally blessed was the gift that my children gave me. It was a red box. Inside the red box were reasons why my children love me. What more could I ask for. I felt completely humbled, emotionally moved. I felt ten feet tall and like I could take on the world, all because of what they said to me on those notes.


It made me think. A person has a birthday just once a year, however there are 364 other opportunities to make them feel special apart from that day. Now, I’m not suggesting that every day needs to be that over the top, but imagine what your words could do for someone else if we regularly reminded them about how good they are and how much they are appreciated.


I know how I felt and I know how it would make others feel too.


Look around you today and see how you could say one thing to one person to make their day. You just never know what it could mean to them. It might come to them just when they needed to be reminded about their meaning.


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