It’s All Too Hard.

Jan 24

It’s All Too Hard.
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Have you ever found yourself filled with vision and the energy to achieve that vision? Nothing can hold you back. It’s all there for the doing. That is until you make a start and become all too aware of what it entails. Have you ever then said to yourself it’s all too hard?


Everyone who has ever achieved anything worth having has had to get past that point. Great things don’t just happen, they are achieved and the two are distinctly different.


‘Happen’ indicates chance and things out of your control. ‘Achieved’ speaks of a result of effort and deliberate planning. You probably know the old saying well. People who fail to plan, plan to fail.


If you’re planning on taking a nice Sunday drive, you can just start the car moving with no real thought to where you are going. It doesn’t matter, because the drive in the sun is the focus, not a particular destination. However, if you are planning on arriving at a specific destination at a specific time you need to not only know where you’re going, but also how to get there punctually. To do that you need to plan your journey.


It’s the same when you are setting off to achieve a great vision or dream. It’s important that you don’t let the scale of the project scare you from finishing it or even getting started. Don’t let the voices in your head convince you that it’s more difficult than you are capable of.


I have had projects in my life that have seemed daunting. I have also found the best thing to do is invest time at the very beginning of a project to make a step by step plan. Take time here to write every step out and order those steps as they are to be done. Once this is complete you never have to think about those things again. All you need to do is get on and do each step. The thinking is done. Now it’s time for doing.


I have found a tool that has helped me immensely in seeing projects achieved rather than left in a pile of things to be done.


This tool is Wunderlist (not an affiliate link). It’s an app that helps you organise your projects into lists of steps to be done. I can’t recommend it highly enough and the best part is that it’s free. There are in-app purchases that are promoted, but that is only if you need advanced features for what you are doing.


Every project I undertake now, the first thing I do is make a Wunderlist. From there all I need do is follow the map and I will arrive at my destination. That is so much better than getting lost in a wasteland of empty promises and never done things.


You can do it. Set a goal. Make a list. Take action.



  1. Colin Pearce /

    This is the kind of attitude that creates Mr Action Man and The Do it Now Guy.

    Well done

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