How I built a community on Twitter

May 23

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When I first heard about Twitter, like many people I didn’t really get what it was all about.  In actual fact, I decided it wasn’t for me and ignored it.  However, I soon realised it deserved a closer look and now I have nearly 40,000 followers on one account and over 20,000 on another.  How did I do this?  I’ll share that with you shortly, but first I should put some things in context.


There are two ways you can build your following on Twitter – organically or artificially.  You see, I’m not a famous person.  I’m not a movie star, an NBA basketballer or the founder of the latest hot internet property.  I’m just an ordinary guy looking to reach people on Twitter in the areas that interest me.


Famous people will attract followers simply because they are already famous.  Their following will grow organically and in some cases quickly, depending on their fame.  These people can have a large amount of followers, yet hardly follow anyone in return.  If that is you, well done.  Just sign up for Twitter and wait for the word to spread.


However, people who are not necessarily famous can grow their following artificially.  This can be done through an act of reciprocity – you follow me and I’ll follow you – or they patiently establish a reputation for sharing great content and making a place for themselves that way.  The funny thing is that after a while someone can appear to be influential simply by having a lot of followers – people are often impressed by numbers.


I know that most of my followers don’t know me at all and the level of interaction is completely reliant upon the quality of content that I share and my willingness to interact with and benefit the Twitter community.  In amongst that though, I have managed to build some great communities that are full of people right around the world that I value greatly.  When I speak about our common interests the level of interaction amongst these groups is vibrant and in many cases instant.  When I have an industry specific question I put that to Twitter and more often that not I receive high quality answers from people who are willing and eager to help.


If your plan is to build very specific communities of people for collaboration, sharing or even selling, the process of doing so can be quite time consuming.  Twitter is free, however, using it to great effect costs time and in some cases resources.  Having said that, it can also open up markets and opportunities you never thought possible.


If you have the time to painstakingly scour the Twitterverse looking for the right people, you’ll need a healthy amount of free time to do so.  However, if you don’t have that much time up your sleeve, then you may find how I’ve done it very helpful.



I use a program called TweetAdder to help me introduce myself to specific people on a regular basis.  The program also helps me to send pre-written tweets even when I’m working on other projects.  It will also, on my behalf, follow people, unfollow people and carry out a range of tasks that help me to connect to the people who I can benefit and benefit from.  The other amazing thing is that it can do all this across multiple accounts saving you hours and hours of time.


TweetAdder has just undergone a major redevelopment and I’m happy to say it is now more powerful than ever.  It also fully complies with Twitter’s terms of service, which is very important.  The way you can specify the type of person you’re looking to follow is amazing and if you’re looking to employ the power of Twitter for your business, product or service, TweetAdder is going to be a major part of your strategy.  Basically it does what you don’t have time to do – day in and day out. Another feature that I find super exciting is that you can instantly find who is interested in what you have to say.  That’s a win for you and a win for them.


I can fully recommend TweetAdder to you as a tool that will revolutionise the way you both use and think about Twitter.  They offer a no questions asked 7 day refund policy, so you’re able to give it a risk free try.


I think you’ll be amazed by what it can do!!  You can click the picture below to find out more.



If you’re keen to try it out, but you have some questions, feel free to comment below and I’ll be happy to answer your question or direct you to the people who can.


The key to using Twitter is this – Twitter is a community which relies on community spirit for it to remain a positive and vibrant place to be.  Many people see Twitter as a place to simply push links, products and ideas.  It is a great platform for sharing quality solutions and products, however, any conversation is guaranteed to be richer if it is a two way street.  There is a rule of thumb that follows the 80/20 rule.  If you are promoting anything on Twitter, you should contribute (add value) 80% of the time and promote your offers (seek return) 20% of the time.  It’s simple – value others and whats important to them and others will value you and whats important to you.


All the best with your Twitter adventure and I hope you find TweetAdder as helpful as I do on a daily basis.


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