Don’t Do Nothing.

Jan 27

Don’t Do Nothing.
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I knew someone once who was convinced that everything they did had to be perfect. Every attempt to achieve was crippled by a need to be flawless. It seemed that perfection was somehow tied to a sense of acceptance in their eyes or the eyes of their beholder.


The sad thing is that this person was so scared of doing the wrong thing, they did nothing.


That person was me.


I remember getting an idea and sitting on it so long you could have thought I was planning on hatching the goose that would lay the golden egg. All I was doing though was holding back that which could have been of benefit to myself and others.


It might have been an invention, a great story or even something that could have provided for my family. If I did eventually publish such a thought, the moment had passed and I was just left to wonder.


There came a time where I had to realise that talk was no good without action to follow it up. Achievement is supposed to come after an idea is given a step by step plan that is acted upon. That’s the way its meant to be. Ideas are not given to be hidden under a bowl. They are designed to grow and make a difference.


I have written many songs in my lifetime with some 80 plus songs published over 14 albums. I have taught people to write songs and one of the first things I tell people is to hurry up and write a bad song. It is only then that you are learning how to write a good one.


When you have an idea, get on with developing it. Don’t think that this idea is the best one you will ever have. Be confident that you have the capacity to have even better ideas still.


Don’t fear making a mistake. Fear doing nothing at all.



  1. Great post! SOOOO many of us need to read and heed this message.


    • Simon Malcolm /

      Thanks Susan. It’s great to see you are continuing on with your blogs and picking up on current events. Well done :)

  2. Love this- and I can so relate. Thanks Simon.

  3. Simon, thank you for this! As I read it I could feel my own anxiety with the thought of hitting the “publish” button. This is so helpful to me to keep putting my ideas out there instead of worrying about a detail that doesn’t matter. You’ve given me the courage to write my post for today! More later! ~ Joyce

    • Simon Malcolm /

      Thanks Joyce. I’m glad I have been an encouragement :)

  4. Patrick McGaughey /

    Outstanding. For the first two paragraphs I was trying to figure out when we had met. I was certain you were talking about me! Thanks for the great thought.

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