Are you PREPARED to ship?

Jan 19

Are you PREPARED to ship?
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I have been greatly encouraged by Seth Godin and his principle of ‘Ship it’ in which he says that we should defeat the resistance and take the risk of shipping our ideas. Don’t sit on them until they become perfect.


The other day I was talking to a friend of mine who was telling me about the items he was selling on eBay. He told me about his excitement every time he makes a sale. He checks his phone and to his delight another item has sold, and for a good price.


However, before he starts counting the dollars and sitting back on the recliner of his success he has committed to making sure that each item is posted on the day it is sold. He wants to make the buying experience a great one for his customer.


Recently he sold an item and within 30 minutes he messaged the buyer, thanking them for their purchase and reporting that it had been sent. The buyer responded promptly asking if it had actually been sent, or if he was just saying it had been sent.


A little surprised, my friend replied with the good news. It had indeed been sent.


When he was telling me this story it dawned on me that his decision to be a prompt ‘shipper’ was accompanied by some preparation. He had to be prepared to ship.


He told me that before he put the items up for sale:


• He calculated what the postage would be.


• He went to the post office and bought postage bags and stamps.


• He made sure he had a good marker to write their address.


• He prepared a place for all these things to be kept and where the packing could easily occur.


You see, it’s one thing to set a good idea in motion, but are you positioned to see it through? Have you begun with the end in mind? It doesn’t mean that the end will always be perfect. My friend may not always make the profit he was hoping for, but even still he ALWAYS gets it in the post right on time.


He is dedicated to shipping often and shipping consistently. He knows that the currency of eBay is trust.


If you know what ‘shipping’ will entail you will find it easier to do. You won’t get to the critical moment when your idea must set sail and find you fail because you don’t know what to do or you don’t have what you need to do it.


• If you’re writing a blog, do you know where to post it?


• If you’re planning a garden, do you have the tools?


• If you’re making a speech, have you planned what to say?


Be prepared, remain committed and your shipping lanes will be full.




  1. Simon I really like your writing….in such a way that really will reach many people. blessings Mandy

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