Achieve Often, Achieve Much.

Jan 20

Achieve Often, Achieve Much.
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Have you thought of something you’d like to achieve in life, but stood back and thought it was too hard? Too many hurdles to overcome. Too many hills to climb. Too many doubts?


Have you ever thought of realising dreams that seem out of reach or becoming someone that you feel you could never be because things like that don’t happen to you?


When you look around at people who have achieved great things it’s important to remember that they didn’t become that way overnight. They have chosen to follow a path, one step at a time. They have also chosen to do specific things consistently in a disciplined fashion.


You see, doing the right things consistently is the key to getting big things done. You can’t just do anything. You have to do what works. But even when you know what is right and what works, you still have to do it. You have to take action. Consistently. Without failing. Never giving up until you reach your goal.


I love looking at big trees. As we all know, they start out very small, but it’s over the course of time that they become tall and strong. They keep growing a little every day. Sometimes their growth is noticeable and other times it may simply be on the inside during a dormant season. But, whatever the season, they just keep growing.


Simon 76

A couple of years ago I decided to lose weight for my daughter’s wedding. I also figured that I could feel better if I was lighter. I decided to lose 10kgs, however I knew that losing 10kgs quickly would be too difficult and quite disheartening to attempt. 

But losing 100 grams per day for 100 days was achievable and something I could do. By day 100 I had lost 14.7kgs. A great achievement, slowly achieved. I made a video about it, which you can see here.


We can achieve great things, but we need a strategy. If we achieve often, we can achieve much. Make a plan and take small steps consistently and you will complete your journey. You will reach your goal.



  1. I really like this one too. Ps Kevin Forlong spoke at Engage Church Kadina Sunday night, and was talking about our goals for life, vision for ministry and how God wants us to achieve them. Step by step and not think Oh well we will wait and see.
    Like your work Mandy

    • Simon Malcolm /

      Thanks again Mandy. I appreciate your words of encouragement.

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