A major fail many of us make…

May 27

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Have you ever wondered why the rear vision mirror in your car

is so small in contrast to the windscreen in front of you? It’s

quite simple really.


We should be focused on our future more than our past!


However, I meet many people who seem to drive their lives

backwards – looking in the rear vision mirror most of the time

and occasionally glancing at whats in front of them.


Its easy to do – the past can be full of many hurts and

disappointments and these can be hard to let go of.


We all know we need to watch what is in front of us while we’re

driving because thats how we’ll avoid running into things that

can cause damage and harm.


Windscreen: BIG – Rear Vision Mirror: small.


Let this ratio be reflected in how you engage with your future and

treat your past. Be actively focused on where you are headed and

use the past purely as a means to check where you’ve been AND

know how to better deal with what is yet to come.


Don’t let yesterday govern tomorrow other than giving you the

hindsight that will help make this day and the next awesome. OK,

if awesome is too much, lets settle for better than yesterday :)


If you’re having dramas with your past, search out a trusted

friend and talk about it, and if you’ve got no one, drop me a line

and I’ll do my best to help.



  1. Pastor Charles Schwab gave a great sermon years ago using the same analogy, to many Christians blame the past for their future, instead of learning from the past..

    • Simon Malcolm /

      The great Pastor Charles. I feel privileged to have shared an analogy with him. Thanks Pete :)

  2. Gary /

    Good analog in western Culture, its just a pity it don’t work for others Cultures in the world, but the fact is most open minded people in the western Culture are narrow minded to people out of Australia, in the end their don’t care. take it from me that have lived and study in China for 9 years its not all as it seams. yes its true people need to look to the future and not dwell on the past, but the past has set the stranded for many of people in the world, or we would not have what we have now, the Bible is the past and we study it every day some more than others, we look in to the Bible in so greater intrust that some times we are no good to people that we want to help, from what we learn we even get to the level that we think that any little thing bad friends do among us, is the death to them all, and we don’t take the time to see that the future is how we make it and looking at the past is a Gide. that’s why Jesus told us in Mark 16 he will send the spirit of God to help us, i see many people divorce in China as they want to hold on to the past ways of life but don’t see the future we are living and they try to mix the past with the future at the time of the present and in the end they divorce as they have it wrong. the past and the future are what we need to divide. live for now, let the past Gide you as the word of God was made and inspired by the spirit of God. he set it out for us to learn from things its up to us how we use the past teaching of the Bible. most just read and use what they want and dismiss what we don’t understand, or can not except. as i say from the start (most open minded people in the western Culture are narrow minded to people out of Australia) the Love of Jesus was given to all the world John 3;16 not just some people. next time you see your friend trying to work out his life don’t look at him or her as a sinner but look at them as some one that need your friendship with a open mind.

    Very seldom we live in the present, you know as the time we get to the present its past in to the past.

    • Simon Malcolm /

      Hi Gary, You make a good point. I agree that this analogy is somewhat pointed in a specific direction. Thanks for your thought provoking comment. I hope you’re well. I fondly remember the old Port Pirie days :)

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